Container Villages Pop up in Taiwan!


Container compartments have easy, re-assembling properties which can be assembled in many different forms. Thus, this business has gained the attentions from government and enterprises.

In southern Taiwan, there are a few art-creative bases popping up as container villages. The low-cost factor provides the youth with a creative stage to develop their business for artworks. For example, Pingtung I/O Studio provides a beautiful place to welcome young residents to return and beautify the town; NSYSU also dedicates a container base for current students and alumni (graduated within 5 years); Moreover, [Kubic] in Kaohsiung New Bay Area opened in March 2017, has attracted many creative art specialty stores to open. These 3 bases are built by temporary container compartments, which can revitalize the land, beautify the city and benefit new business starters.


Besides, all business-purpose container villages also exist. For example, COMMUNE A7 in Xinyi District, Taipei has gathered many creative restaurants, and food stands, which has become a consuming landmark of Taipei.



Kaohsiung New Bay Area Container Market [Kubic]

Kaohsiung NSYSU Entrepreneurship Center [Container Business]

Pingtung I/O Studio