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Yufung upholds the symbolic Spirit of Taiwan: Hardworking, Simple, Trustworthy and Professional.


Provide services mainly for ISO TANK CONTAINER: Cleaning, heating, repairing, annual inspecting and heavy-duty heating services


| Cleaning Facilities |
Soften Water Processing System: Assure stability of water quality Ferromanganese sand filter > Active carbon> Sewage epoxy resin filter tank > Soft water temporary storage tank
Sewage Treatment System: Dedicated to ecological sustainability, eleven stages of the recycling process are implemented for sewage treatments in steel water tanks. 1. Sewage collection 2. Oil film removal 3. Equalization tank 4. Reduction-oxidation reaction tank 5. Rapid mixing tank 6. Flotation tank 7. pH adjustment tank 8. Anaerobic tank 9. Sludge concentration tank 10. MBR tank 11. Sludge dewatering tank
Cleaning Facilities: 180KG Portable High-Pressure Cleaning Water Jet, Water Pump, 360o Italy-Made Automatic Spinner Water Jet
Boiler: Steam Cleaning & Heating
Tank Testing Air Compressor
Drying (Blowing) Fan
Exhaust Fan
Safety Platform: Inspection-22 TEU, Cleaning Process -24 TEU

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Container Storage and Transit Services

Provide container rental and shipping companies with massive storage and transit services. We have a large container yard for empty ", with an area of 55,000 square meters."

Transport with 4 14-tons side loaders, 6 fork lifts and 2 high-pressure washers, which can perform large loading of storage and transit.

Professional Technicians
IICL Inspection & Estimation Staff: 5 , Professional Stacker Operators: 10 , Professional Welders: 30 , Professional Rust Removal Spray Painters: 10 , Professional Refrigerated,  Container Maintenance Staff: 2

|Backup System|
Premium facilities supporting system with very competitive pricing.

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New & Used Containers Trading Services

|Wholesale or Retail and Used container trading.|

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Container Rental

|New and Used containers Rental service|

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Container Maintenance Service

2 Container Repair Stations, nearly 60,000 m2 in size

|Professional Techniques|
Obtained a professional license from The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL). Performing maintenance services at an IICL standard

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Global Clients

Appointed by various listed international shipping and container rental companies