Containership Business is Expecting for a winning return in 2017


n 2016, the world’s no. 7 shipping company, Hanjin Shipping, filed for bankruptcy. This, as well as the delay of shipbuilding productions has eased the pressure of shipping surplus. According to Alphaliner Report in December 2016, the shortage and surplus has gradually come to a balance. Since April 2017, Ocean League of Evergreen Shipping, THE League of Yangming Shipping and 2M League all work on a synergy act which has raised the profits in containership business and has also led to a monopoly effect. Thus, the choices of clients are narrower, which brings a higher normalization for the market and creates a steady development for containership business. Yangming Shipping claims that the economy of the shipping industry will rise again after a disappointing 2016 and we all look forward to a promising 2017.